Yippey! The week is almost over. While, I sit in my unnatural habitat and be a code monkey, oops that’s M’s job. M is getting ready for a big move to a new city for a new job, how exciting! Monkey has to go, and Koala is sad, but alas, c’est la vie!

Alright, moving on to what I want to talk about today — boxes. Yes, boxes. Boxes can be of different types — wooden, cardboard, paper, stereotypical, mental, or metaphorical. I want to talk about them all, but can’t guarantee if I will in a particular order. After all, we koalas, aren’t known for making promises (or breaking them). So, yes, boxes! We as animals lack the ability to put others in boxes of any kind, but you hooomans, have successfully made an art out of it. If a person is short, put them in a shorty, tiny box, if someone is fat, there’s your fatty box for them, if someone has money, oh well, they define and tick their own boxes (see, what I did there, too much human interaction I suppose), or if someone has no education, well, they don’t have a choice except to live in that box, and die in another (wooden boxes, ay!).

Putting others in boxes, real, metaphorical, or mental, only narrows your view of what they are, and excludes them from what they can be. So, why is it so important to put people in boxes, isn’t that almost like putting someone in a box, the real one I mean. There is as much you can grow, there is no interaction / facilitation to grow out of the box, but humans don’t want to get away from it.

I think I’d like to see more circles, more like venn diagrams, with overlaps, lots and lots of ’em. I think inclusion of people who are not like us will only help us understand each other better. Boxes, on the other hand will put a wall. I want it to be left incomplete, because well, completion is boring.

What do you think of this Monkey?