Second Post

Hi there! K here. So, Monkey and I decided to write about something together. Since, we both like writing, and eating, and being silly, we thought, why don’t we do at least two of these together? So, here we are being silly and writing about it. Being a K, Monkey had to really push me to get out of slumber and write, so here I am.

We brainstormed about what we want to write about, my first reaction was, let’s be objective about whatever we choose to write, if either of us didn’t have a great day, we can write about it, what went wrong with the day, yada yada. Oh!, I mean yip yip! The whole point of my thought process (to make it a mundane unadulterated blog) was to write about things as they are, but monkey being a monkey, jumped up and said — ‘duuuude, you can’t write if you’re not passionate about what you are writing about, otherwise, it’s going to be just another YAB! (Yet Another Blog)’, and it made so much sense that I immediately fell in love with the idea of writing about things we like and care about. I know I know! I’m slow, but that’s not my fault! Anyway, so this blog is going to be about the ramblings of our curious minds. We may occasionally resort to being silly — I say as if we can help it.

Stay tuned and stay silly.

Yip yip!