What does it mean for a chat bot to be intelligent?

Timothy Neesum, flickr Creative Commons

Typical (non-intelligent) chat bots get around — you’ve seen them on all kinds of websites bugging you as you scroll or attempt to click out of a webpage. They’re harmless little guys, at most asking if you have any questions about life, the universe, and everything…

As for intelligent bots — they ask pointed, specific questions about the products your viewing, they answer your questions, they collect email addresses and customer contact info, and they can do so much more because they’re wicked smaht (it’s cool, we’re from Boston).

How are intelligent chat bots different from plain ‘ole, regular chat bots?

Intelligent chat bots are new to the scene, so we get it if you aren’t as familiar with them. Call us biased, but we wholeheartedly believe that everyone involved in the e-commerce and online sales process — both customer and seller alike — wins with live intelligent chat bot site integration.

Still unclear? We’ve got your back.

Here’s a quick breakdown summarizing the differences between chat bots and intelligent chat bots:

Regular chat bots

  • Collect customer data
  • Pop-up at less than convenient times
  • May require frequent back-end maintenance to bring them up to speed

Intelligent chat bots

  • Learn-on-go
  • Seamlessly incorporate your brand’s conversational tone
  • Make sales while you sleep (or are doing other work)
  • Answer commonly asked questions (so you and your team can save time)
  • Make sales recommendations to your customers based on their interests and questions
  • May be counted on as an additional employee to manage online customer queries
  • Interact across chat platforms like Facebook Messenger
  • Are Fully-customizable to personalize the user experience

So, are intelligent chat bots better?

Intelligent chat is regular chat plus personality, ability, and potential. We tend to route for intelligence and we enjoy discovering how to find more of it. Our KoalaBots are hungry sponges that, like you, have a thirst for more knowledge. We think this is awesome and that’s why we’re building intelligent chat bots.