What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a loaded concept.

Today’s KoalaChat blog post has two goals:

1. To demystify this concept and help us to — if only for a moment — disassociate artificial intelligence with visions of bipedal robots storming the Earth, taking our jobs, and worse… and

2. To explain how a more simplified understanding of artificial intelligence is truly shaping the marketing landscape towards a whole new and improved direction.

It Starts with Automation

The simplest of bots that first permeated our everyday business lives were basic excel formulas built into spreadsheets. These formulas automate rote tasks to save humans the trouble of mindless data entry or more complicated mathematics.

Source: http://msexcel-tutorials.blogspot.com/

We automate tasks to save time; time that may then be spent on the necessary human interactions our business needs in order to grow and thrive.

On any give day, we automate countless actions: driving directions through Google Maps or Waze, social media posts through Hootsuite or Buffer. Apps like IFTTT help us automate all kinds of daily goings-on ranging from household energy savings to birthday messages to our colleagues.

While some automated tasks will be more helpful to some than others, most can agree that automation makes life a tad easier. The next natural step to automation is artificial intelligence. Simply put, artificial intelligence is automation with a hint of adaptability.

Artificial Intelligence = Automation + Learning

Artificial intelligence (or AI as the cool kids call it) is a basic automation program built to learn-on-the-go and adapt for improvement as it learns.

With KoalaChat, for example, a live chat bot might not quite get its language to match the perfect tone of your brand on its first go-around. But you can be sure it will get the next time. KoalaChat is a fully-customizable and fully-adaptable example of artificial intelligence.

Why We’re on This AI Journey

We’ve chosen to blast off on this journey because it’s cool and because we’re good at it. But mostly, we’re developing artificial intelligence to help make people more efficient and to help cut down on time and cost.

Come along with us for the ride. We’re inviting beta users to join us for free, forever as we perfect KoalaChat. We’d love to have you!