I used to hate airplane mode. The first draft I wrote of these small post I did on my phone on a plane from Brussels to Malaga. It has been dismissed. Because of the Airplane mode. But the post was about the advantages of using Airplane mode.

What do I mean by that? In our connected world we love to be able to call, send, read anything at any time. I get angry and anxious if I can’t look up something online.

Sitting in a plane, a metal tube without being connected is frustrating at first. 2.5 hour flight is…

For sending a mail, I am bound to the key combination CMD+Enter. Of course the Mac OSX default mail application, Mail.app uses something else.

I won’t even spend time on finding out the combination for sending mail using 3 keys so I get tendonitis after 5 mails sent.

There is an easy way to create shortcuts for basically everything in Mac OSX. Let’s set up
for sending mails in Mail.app. To do this, let’s open up System Preferences and select the Keyboard section.

System Preferences / Keyboard

Go for the Shortcuts tab in the top menu.

It is not unusual, that somebody has an Android tablet and an iPhone or vice versa, an Android phone and an iPad. I know it can be more complicated, when we add other platforms to the game. ☺

In the old times, there was Openfeint. A great platform to create shared toplists of achievements. Openfeint was bought in 2011 and the service was stopped at the end of 2012. Games like the multiplatform success story, Fruit ninja included Openfeint in the app. I used to have an Openfeint account.

But after Openfeint was gone Apple filled up the hole with…

Almost every big company is present on Twitter. Almost, because Apple for example isn’t there. You can find @Tim_Cook tweeting sometimes, but @apple on Twitter is an empty account without a user avatar nor any information.

@apple on Twitter

But still an impressive number of followers. ☺ How do companies use Twitter? There are some with extremely good customer service. They answer questions and get in touch with their users. And some who only use the social media platform to deliver their message out to the masses.

A good example of great customer service

Buffer uses their Twitter account exceptionally. What I personally…

It was a geeky dream. In my dream I was banned from Google. Later I got a trial and the jury made it’s decision upon how many likes each party can get on Facebook. I had to publish a link to Facebook and the prosecutor had to do the same.

Who ever gets more likes, that side is going to win. Banned from Google services or back in the G world.

I woke up.

Still questions remained after my dream. And these are not about why the jury would use Facebook. …

My time is precious, that’s one of my most valuable property. So redoing something again and again makes me think I am not spending my time right.

But still redoing something many time is the way how we learn. Imagine how many times you told your kids “daddy” and how happy you were, the first time they replied. And what happend next, you continued to ask them to say “daddy”. OK, maybe not you, but I did. :) And I keep doing it with our youngest.

Repeating on social media platform, or just saying the same on Twitter and Facebook…

In our modern world, people look for the best product. Or the cheapest (I could have linked one of the many price compare sites here). Nobody cares about happiness. Do you?

In the IT world the competition is maybe bigger than anywhere else. Startups come and go, everybody wants to create the first and the best product. They think this is the only way to survive.

It’s wrong. It should be all about happiness. If the customer is happy, proud to use your product, then you won. …

Ubuntu Touch on the NExus 10

Do you remember the time, when you bought a PC and you or a friend installed Windows on it? Or was it Linux? Hardware without operating systems and the choice to install the one on them, you think is the best.

This is where smartphones and tablets are heading. There is no difference between the PC world and the handheld world. It is all the same.

Changing operating systems on the phones and tablets is getting easy. With unlocked bootloaders, installers for Ubuntu Touch and Firefox OS a new era is about to begin.

On my Nexus 10 tablet, I…

A friend of mine just asked about Android apps. He wanted to have some suggestions, which apps should he install on his new device.

At first I had a look at the my Apps section in the Play Store. When I was scrolling down, I found quite a few apps, which do not exist any more or the app is still there, but the company behind it not anymore.

I picked 3 of these apps.


Before Instagram arrived on Android, Picplz was the app to share photos on the web. Sharing to various social media sites was easy. …

I read a quite a few Android related blogs and comments. After the Apple event and the introduction of the new iPhone 5[s|c], I read many times, that they lack of innovation, they are copies of x and y Android phones, etc.

If you look at the new iPhones and the new features, you can start collecting phones which had those features years ago. Like the fingerprint sensor in the Motorola Atrix. Sure, it’s been released in 2011. But Motorola never published an update and the Atrix users (including my wife) still stuck at Android 2.3. …

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