A week of Data

3rd week of Alpha Tech Academy

WEEK 3 — Database and Object Oriented Paradigm

Relational Database

We started this week by learning relational database management system with Andika and Bayu. They are senior data engineers at Sepulsa. Database is one of most important topic as every dynamic website needs database. It’s a structured system to put our data in that imposes rules upon that data, and the rules are ours, because the importance of these problems changes based on our needs. Maybe the problem is the size, while someone else has a smaller amount of data where the sensitivity is a high concern. And that’s what we learned here; understanding how to describe our structure and define those rules, so all these invisible things will actually happen.

Structured Query Language (SQL) is an indispensable skill in the data science industry and it becomes more and more popular each day. A query language represents its model closely, its all about tables and “Join”s. I personally need time to fully understand how the join works and how to write its syntax. Considering its importance and popularity , I think it worth the time and efforts.

Live Code

As I explained here, at the end of every topic we get the live challenge / live coding. This time we were give 5 problems to be solved in 1 hour. The difficulty level of this one was quite high representing logic complexity behind database modeling.

Soft Skill : Cube House

I love soft skill session not only because we actually need to master it but also every soft skill session has a game in it. After intensive coding practices we need help to be relaxed, right?. The game named cube house. The instructions of this game is quite simple, first we make a paper cube house and then we determined how many cube house we could make in 5 minutes. Mentors recorded our target and lastly we made cube houses based on our targets. I did not expect the outcome and the lesson of this game at all. This game taught us that we must know our limit (that is why it was started by making 1 cube house) and reach our target in the right way. We need this lesson to prepare ourselves facing work environment. In real life, maybe we can aim so high, but do we have enough time? Do we have enough understanding to what we aimed? Do we really prepare for those targets? Aiming high is good but this lesson taught me that we must start by dividing our targets into smaller targets, fully focus on it, enjoy it and celebrate our “success” when we finally reach it. Thanks to people development : Puspa, Via, and Merza for this amazing lesson.

Relax time is over, back to code!

Object Oriented Programming

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm based upon objects (having both data and methods) that aims to incorporate the advantages of modularity and reusability. Objects, which are usually instances of classes, are used to interact with one another to design applications.

Almost every programming language implements this paradigm. In my previous experience with PHP and Javacript project there were always OOP on them and to be honest I did not know how it worked. Our mentors, Anton (Senior Software Engineer at Sepulsa) and Rana Pradipta, explained its core concept very well. I did not find any difficulty to understand the concept, but I found it was hard to implement it on my codes, since its my first time writing complex code with OOP from scratch.

Another Thrilling Live Code

This live code was exceptionally exceptional. Think about it, we were learned about programming from almost no knowledge about it before and now in 3 weeks we had to make two games (though they are very simple game) right in live coding session! I laughed myself so hard for this one, because I remembered the very fist time I did freelancing job when I was so “green”. After a shocking success bid, I did not even know how to get the job done, and the job has its time limit. The live code really brought back some good memories, hence this live code is my new favorite. From my experience, I think this session accurately representing real work environment where everything can go beyond our expectation and preparation.

Escape Time

@ escape room

One of important values here at Sepulsa and Alpha Tech Academy is FUN. We need to know how to have fun in order to learn and work better. They actually give us facilities to do so. Below you can see some of future tech talent having fun by ridiculously make fun of themselves!

@Sepulsa Tambora Malang