Air Has a Taste, and it Tastes Like Life Itself

We all know that air could carry smell. We all also know that smell and taste are connected in our brains. Then, why shouldn’t air carry taste as well? Well, it does. Air has a taste, and it tastes like life itself.

If you breathe right, something we all forgot how to do, you could taste air. In order to do that you would need to first become aware of your body, aware of how it feels to be in it, of how it feels to be it. But mostly, it will require that you deal with your fears. Those constant silent fears that you carry with you each and every moment throughout your day.

You may not be aware of those fears at first. After all you’ve done a great job at avoiding them for so long. But your fears are well aware of you, of every little function of your mind and your body. They are not only aware of all those subtle states and functions that create, grow and maintain who you are, they are also affecting them and by doing that they affect who you are and who you will become.

Your fears and anxiety affect also your breath. You are not breathing right. Otherwise I wouldn’t have to sit here and convince you that air has a taste, because you would already know that for yourself as part of your basic experience of reality.

In order to breathe right, you would need to become aware of your breath and pay attention to your body. You could take some time alone on your couch or your bed, close your eyes and start becoming aware of your breath.

Take a minute or two just to feel your breath and follow it as air flows inside and outside your body. Notice, the gap too. That moment between your exhalation and inhalation. This fraction of a second right before you inhale air again into your body is the moment where reality exists, where life exists and death too.

Once you have become aware of your breath, its movement and stealth, start paying attention to your body. Notice if something doesn’t sit right, if there is any tension in certain parts of your body. Do not try to change or release anything yet, instead just become aware of those areas.

Only when you feel that you’ve mapped out all those areas, you can take a deep breath and let go of all the tensed areas at once as you exhale.

Some of the tension in your body will probably still be there after you exhaled all the air out of your lungs. That’s ok. Keep breathing deeply but take it a few notes down and just relax into it as if you were breathing chilled mountain air into your lungs.

Stay like that for a few moments and feel every single breath, how it’s lifting up your body and lays it back gently. Feel the air cooling down the inside of your nose as it flows inwards. Feel it stroking your palate and the side walls of your throat…

There! Right there, at that moment, you can taste air.

Air has a taste. Now you know it too :)

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