“Consistent as F#ck, Patient in Action”

I took the title of this post from one of my favourite entrepreneurs and motivational speakers Gary Vaynerchuk but add a little twist to it. So what does “Consistent as fuck, patient in action” actually mean? Let’s apply it to our personal lives and our finances and break it down.

Lets start with being consistent as fuck; this is something I work on perfecting everyday. Consistency is a lot like compounding interest, it is not very noticeable or sexy on a day-to-day basis but as a sum of efforts over time it is everything. I was listening to a podcasts that spoke about wealthy successful people and their habits. The one common habit amongst them was a morning routine. They all started their morning with the same routine that put them in a mindset to succeed every day. When converting bad spending habits (like yours truly), to good or even great spending habits you need to be consistent as fuck! That means every day doing the little compounding habits that will mean a fat savings account or a new slim debt balance in the future.

Patient in action, is one that I struggle with the most because I am so impatient and want instant results with everything. But to be patient in action to me does not mean to do nothing, and let life pass you by, but rather to think and wait before acting. Consider this, when you’re about to make a purchase; ask yourself do you need it?, do you have it in your budget? Is this just an instant gratification want?

Being patient in action means to think about the long game. Think three months, ten months, two years down the line. It about understanding that todays satisfaction is not actually the goal and making every present day move with the future in mind.

Consistency and patience are the water and soil to any goal or dream in your life. Sprinkle a little bit both in your daily life and the world is yours. Its hard, I struggle every day do both but I try and its working!

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