Always remember to think about a market worthy solutions that the common man can use.

Hackathons as to the work HACK is scary to many people, while those that seems to understand it tend to believe its just a coding competition for the computer geeks.


Wait, what even is a hackathon?

Hackathons are competitions where people from different backgrounds comes together to solve specific problems.

FarmHack NG brings together Hackers from all works of life to solve agricultural issues in logistics, mechanization, data analysis, and marketing among other things.

We expect that some of our participants have never been to a hackathon before — and that’s okay! In fact, we at FarmHack NG encourage you…

#WOCinTech Chat

A hackathon is a focused attempt to build something cool and/or meaningful in a short amount of time, usually a weekend or 24 hours. At the end of the hackathon, all the participants demo (or pitch) what they’ve built.

So, you’ve decided to attend one. Great! You’re in for a fun ride. “This has been the best weekend of my life!” is an actual quote from a participant in a hackathon we were part of organising.

“we, as human beings, are designed to do hard, meaningful work”. — Jane McGonical

And that’s very often what it feels like to attend…

Tips on what to bring from regular hackathon attendees

Your A-game: More than any other thing you should come with a vested belief, and your confidence to contribute.

Laptop, Phone & Chargers: You are definitely here to hack (find solutions) using curated data and tech, yes, you will need these basics.

Extension cords and/or spare batteries: You can never have enough juice and there are never enough plugs to go around. If you want to make friends fast, bring a power strip

Notebook/scratch paper + pen/pencil: whiteboards/plotters may not be readily available, so you need something to map out your…

Who can attend?


I dont know how to code , can I attend?

Yes , you can attend , join a team and use any skill you have . ( writing, drawing, planning etc)

Do I need to have a team before the day?


How will teams be formed ?

You come, network , talk to anyone you like their idea and form a team.

I have an idea, I don’t have a team , can i attend?

Yes, come pitch your idea , and find a team to build thing together.

I don’t know anything about programming…

Perhaps if Israel had the kind of agricultural treasure nature endowed Nigeria with, she would feed the whole world with ease. Nigeria is blessed with vast rich arable land, optimum climate and weather conditions and hardworking citizens. Nigeria currently has a population estimated at 160 million people as at the 2006 population census and experts said the nation can grow to between 190–200 million people by the year 2020.

Sadly enough, as the population increases, agricultural practices reduces especially amongst the youths who are supposed to be the sustaining hope for the future. …

Often, when I speak with people about rabbits farming or tell them about my bunnies, they laugh at me and ask who will buy rabbit? Interestingly, I mostly end up selling rabbit to them after a short minute of conversation. You know why? For a long time, they do not see any sense in keeping rabbits and this myopic perspective is a peculiar problem to many of us. We do not pay attention to little things, we feel they do not count and hence, we are held up in ignorance.

I have seen many passionate young graduates of agricultural sciences resign to fate and lose hope on their dreams of becoming a self sufficient farmer and employer of labour someday. I have also had the privilege to talk at an orientation program, at the faculty of agriculture in the university I graduated from, where I asked the students why many agric graduates end up doing something else instead of practising, 99% responded it is due to lack of start up capital and no single person mentioned PLAN. There and then, I knew there is a big trouble.

According to Mrs. Gayle Reed of Rosedale dairy farms, Shonga, Kwara State, dairy farming in Nigeria is both challenging and rewarding. From her 9 years on-farm experience and what I experienced on my short term internship in the farm, I cannot dispute that submission.

The rewards in dairy farming in Nigeria stands on the ground that there are lots of opportunities out there for dairy farmers as there is availability of ready market with no competition. Going by the statistics of the Managing Director of WAMCO Nigeria, Peter Eshikena, 500 million litres of milk is being processed daily by the…

We are delighted to tell the whole world that Kobofarm is live.

What is Kobofarm?

KoboFarm is an online classified platform where agricultural products and services can be traded. We are currently focused on African and our starting point is Nigeria.

Kobofarm is more than just a trading platform, we will be giving out several educative signals and materials to help improve sustainable farming in Africa and other parts of the world.

Though we are currently on beta and we will be fully active from 1st May,2016, we are committed to giving our users the best experience.

Why not check Kobofarm out now?

Thanks for taking your time to read.


KoboFarm Team

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