Why Most startups Don’t Fail

HeroSnatch Co-Founders meeting sunrise

You’ve probably heard thousands of times that running startups is a risky business and 90% are failing.

In this article I want to take a step back and show you my perspective on this question and why I think we should stop scaring people away from starting their business.

Let’s say you dated a girlfriend for 3 years and it did not work out. But instead of bitching behind her back you can choose to be grateful for your time together. You have made mistakes and you’ve learned from them, now you can apply those lessons to your life.

Is that a failure? Well, it depends.

If your goal is to get married to the girl straight after you meet her, maybe it can become a Failure for you after a break-up. But a healthy perspective— it’s just an experience, as there is too much unknown when you meet a new person.

The same applies to startups. If your goal is to get investments from ventures capitalists and start playing a survival game — I guarantee you will end up with unmet expectations.

But if you’re truly want to solve a human problem — Even small MVP will bring you Success:

  • You will learn how to build things
  • You will learn how to make market research
  • You can make at least a few customers happy
  • You will grow, believe me

So in the era of Venture deals, the Failure/Success is often associated with the number of zeroes in your bank account. But we often forget that the main purpose it ease somebody’s pain.

For HeroSnatch we’ve found our success in people who committed enough to the project to share their ideas and consistently track their fitness results.

  • We had not signed an investment deal
  • We are not profitable, yet
  • We are not growing 100% a day

But we following success road as we learn every day and we improve lives of people by making them more consistent and motivated to stay healthy.

Thanks for reading, if you ever had an idea — share to the comments and let the world know what is on your mind!

If you are looking for a perfect Solution for tracking Workouts and coaching, check HeroSnatch App. If you’re a coach or gym owner, don’t hesitate to contact me for more details about the platform :)




Software Architect. Help SaaS companies build their products by backing their tech development.

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Mikki Kobvel

Mikki Kobvel

Software Architect. Help SaaS companies build their products by backing their tech development.

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