The Most Underrated Nike Sneaker of 2018, For Women?

The dad shoe phenomenon has taken over the sneaker marketplace in 2018, but not for the exact ‘demographic’ that you might think. Although nicknamed the ‘dad’ shoe, you will find that most consumers who end up wearing these shoes are women.

But, isn’t the sneaker marketplace mostly male dominated? Yes. But, not for long.

With the ongoing rise of women empowerment and culture equalization, ladies are engaging in this industry more and more every day.

So where does Nike fit into the picture?

Most dad-shoes that we see on the marketplace are either too expensive (like the Balenciaga Triple S) or don’t have a strong enough brand backbone (like Skechers).

Nike is in a position where they can offer a cheap enough sneaker, through larger production capacities and compromises on quality and craftsmanship, and still have it attached to a strong brand.

Enter: The M2K Tekno

In 2018, Nike introduced a sneaker dubbed the M2K Tekno. This shoe comes in both a men’s and women's model, but as you probably guessed it, women are flocking to it much more.

Unboxing/Review/On-Feet Look

Doing a simple Pinterest search for ‘nike m2k tekno’, we can see the proof.

8 out of the top 9 images to pop up are of the M2K Tekno on the feet of woman (or so it would appear). The other 1 image, is an ad for a completely unrelated shoe.

Okay, I’m interested. Tell me more!

The M2K Tekno retails for just $100 USD, or $140 CAD up here in Toronto. For that price, you can literally buy 9 pairs before buying 1 pair of the Balenciaga Triple S. Also for that price, you could buy 1 pair of Skechers, but not be nearly as ‘in-style’.

They come in a multitude of colours, most of which are still available. Only a couple colours have actually completely sold out since their initial release, meaning that they are readily available.

Stylistically, these are pretty versatile. A lot of women wear these with skinny jeans or black tights, but you can also dress it up and rock them with flow-y crop pants. This is typically the route my girlfriend takes!

From a comfort stand point, the M2K Tekno offers incredible support on all sides of your foot, so you can wear these effortlessly day after day.

Whats next for the dad-shoe era?

I think we will continue to see powerhouse brands such as Adidas, Nike, and Puma to continually design and produce dad-style shoes that will fight to find the perfect balance between a cheap price to attract most consumers, but a high enough price to maintain brand image and exclusivity.

For an in-depth look at the shoe, head over to my YouTube channel to see more.