Yes. The dubs did it.

But the NBA reset button has been pushed and the 2015–16 season is the new focus. After brief congratulations, all the talk is about what the Cavs will do with Blatt or whether James will opt in. …

Ready for a challenge? Join us.

At Medium, we are about stories — creation, experience, and distribution — and we believe mobile is the key to our success. We’re looking for mobile developers interested in delivering unique experiences on iOS to join our team.

What’s iOS at Medium like?

We’ve already released a compelling way to read Medium content, but that’s…

One of my pet peeves in Xcode is the UI for re-running a specific test.

Sometimes those little play buttons in the gutter don’t show up or you end up setting breakpoints rather than re-running the test. Then, Eugenia showed me Ctrl+Option+Cmd+g which reruns the last test you ran. I love keyboard shortcuts, so this was awesome.

I’ve been so lucky to know Ashley Oladipo for nearly 11 of my 28 years of life. We met at campus preview weekend in April 2004. I was a freshman showing students around campus and she was a prospective student checking out dorms and student organizations for next year.


Grant Oladipo


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