Introducing QOM: The Shiba Predator

Kodai Bear
5 min readMar 18, 2022


Hello — it is a pleasure to meet you, my name is Kodai and am here to introduce you to a bird named QOM, the Shiba Predator.

Our story begins in summer of 2020 when we were sitting at the lakehouse. We were somewhat new to crypto at this time and someone had told us about a coin that had just launched called “shiba inu, the dogecoin killer”

When we saw this and the chaos of community, we were intrigued, but at the same time we asked ourselves , “why do we need to kill doge, what has that doggo ever done to us”

How young were we to the industry and nearly 2 years later now we understand.

There is no truth, there is no standard, there is only constant change. There is our team and the other guys team.

When the mysterious Ryoshi launched “Shiba: The Dogecoin Killer” there was a sentiment in the air that “dogecoin was for boomers” that it was for people that “were here before us” that “didn’t go through what we went through” and that by rallying around the flag of the Shiba it gave us a purpose to MAKE OURS .

But what now? We will tell you what. Shiba has made it, it flipped the Doge, and for those that “ironhanded” Shiba all the way up congratulations. Now while we congratulate those that did well and pour one out for those that sold what would now be hundreds of millions of $ worth of shiba for pennies when everybody thought it was ded (dog was just sleeping)

We have to think about “the rest of us” The ones who haven't made it. What are you supposed to do? Buy a top 10 coin at the top with the hope that it goes up a little on a good week. Or relentlessly hunt for that next gem.

Let’s be real here frens, we don't need a coin that goes uphere and there. We need ANOTHER chance at Shiba. As a wise soul once said “To be the man, you got to beat the man.”

Hence, QOM was born.

QOM is a bird of prey, it hunts Shiba’s. I am QOM, you are QOM, we are QOM and there is a common goal without remorse.

All hands on deck to hunt catch and flip Shiba Inu.

Tall order?

Well we have time and we have resources and we have you. The frens in the community. Most important we have a plan (as all great hunters must)

At the time of writing, Shiba is sitting at about a 11Billion $ market cap. Do we have your attention now?

Good, This is how we do it.

To catch Shiba will not be easy, getting that high is all about access to new investors. Shiba grew in tiers. First they were a darling on Uniswap and rode the wave up of Elon Musks Tweeters about Doge which the Shiba community was clever to repurpose into making it look like he was shilling them (don’t hate the player son… hate the game)

In the early days, Shiba was listed on exchanges like Hotbit and MXC which always had a habit of “locking withdrawls” HAHA and whenever they would lock them, the shiba price would pump.

At some point due to the infectious energy in the project it more or less took over defi here and there and before long it was listed in places like Binance and OKEX.

Keep in mind the shiba team (if you could call it a team at that point) never paid for a thing, no tokens no bribes, no “market makers” and Shiba was listed on Binance , just for the sheer fact that they wanted the volume. But volume begets volume and it gave more and more access to a wider range and audience as the holder # increased (also our goal)

Then came ShibaSwap. . the DEX. This made it real, suddenly there was a “product” Now to be fair, nearly everything in crypto doesn’t have a product and does fine or just has a pretend product to meme about. So even if there was no ShibaSwap, maybe we are still here today. Who knows. nevertheless it happened and is real. This further expanded holders, then Coinbase, then Elon Musk giving up (because his dog lost)and boom. Shiba wins

Shiba Winning doesn’t help us left behind

So what we are going to do is repeat this but do it better and more importantly YOU are here at the beginning. For this to work we need to follow a few time and tested ways and means

1- You are the Team. Yes, we are QOM and we are the team. we will do all that we can work 18 hours a day, but no matter what we do,. we are just a piece. For this to work, “a thousand flowers must blossom” and we all must do our part

2- just like Shiba, there are no team tokens, there is no team treasury. If you want to do something then do it, if someone asks for a hand out you can tell them that shiba never paid for a thing.

3- we only buy, we never sell. That is it

4- Ask not what QOM can do for you, ask what you can do for QOM. We will tell you this is a process of “stone soup” meaning that we start this with a contract deploy and a group, but it is really up to you (QOM also) to see what you can add. Do we have a discord? no make it, do we have a Facebook? Shill army. No. make it. You know the drill . Work for you meal, add what you can and tell your frens. This is an army. It is new and small, but that also means we have advantage.

How QOM has been “seeded”

Well, this is what we have done. We have had a great year and are willing to give back so we just deployed 30ETH in liquidity to uniswap and will burn the LP shortly. There is also 40% in supply that we have in the deployer address to be burned shortly as well

The rest, really is up to you.

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Do we have your attention now?

That is all. See you in the Telegram

Ape strong.



Kodai Bear