The Tricks of Real People to Get Maximum Pleasure in Masturbation

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Everyone masturbates or has ever done it. It is a reality that nobody can deny. Although it is true that men have always had a greater facility to talk about this issue than women, times evolve and more and more dare to talk about this intimate act.

Do you want to know more? We Spaniards are the ones who do it the most. This is assured by a study carried out by the company TENGA in which a total of 10,000 men and women from seven countries (Germany, France, Spain, Japan, China, Taiwan, and South Korea) have participated.

According to this report, 93% of Spaniards have ever masturbated. A percentage that makes us world leaders of onanism over English (91%), Germans (89%), Americans (84%), French (82%), Taiwanese (80%), Koreans (76%), Japanese (76%) and Chinese (73%). The Confidential has contacted several men and women to know what they do alone to enjoy more and make the feeling more pleasant.

Does the past always come back?
The research reveals that 74% of Spaniards see masturbation as a form of self-care while 54% say that this practice directly benefits their well-being. In fact, participants rated this act as one of the most pleasant and, above all, most effective activities to relieve stress, above laughing, having a massage, enjoying a hot bath or putting on clean clothes, sleeping, listening to music, practice yoga or read. In addition, more than 70% believe that it has a positive effect on most aspects of their life.

I imagine riding it with someone with whom I have never done it or with two or three at the same time. It is what puts me the most

“I do not like to think of anything. I prefer to watch porn. Everything is much easier. When I touch myself I want to have a clear mind because if it does not require too much effort and it makes me lazy to imagine sexual situations that excite me,” says Lorena, 29. The truth is that this practice requires time, desire and a little inspiration: “When it comes to the subject 78% of them to videos and adult content compared to only 46% them. On the contrary, they mostly prefer Throw thoughts (57%), something that only 45% of children resort to.

“Although not very healthy, thinking about past dust is not a bad option,” says 31-year-old Marina. “When you have a partner it is different, I hardly masturbate because we are doing it every moment, but thinking about the great sexual relations that I have had in the past helps me when I have to masturbate,” Miguel de 28 subscribes.

Myths and fantasies?
“I have always heard that if you sit on your hand for a few minutes until it falls asleep and you touch yourself, it seems that someone else is doing it. I have never tried it, but I should still do it. I have also heard once, when I was in the institute, that people made a paper cone where he put his member and took a flight to which he cut the wings, put it inside and touched each other while the insect moved around. It’s disgusting, but I have friends who did it “, confesses Ricardo.

The mirror never fails: there is some strange reason why even if I do not put myself, it does give me a roll to see myself masturbating

“When I masturbate it is because four days ago or so I do not have sex. To make it more pleasant I do not use any ‘manual’ but ‘psychological’ techniques. That is, I begin to touch the clitoris and I imagine a scene that I could do in real life but that never happens. I imagine riding it with someone I’ve never done it with or two or three at a time. It’s what puts me the most. If I don’t think anything while I’m at work, it’s hard for me to ejaculate. put a face on the man or woman while I do it and the more ‘hardcore’ everything is more intense is the orgasm I feel, “says Rosa.

In fact, according to the study, Spaniards often think of famous people when they masturbate. Singers Aitana or Ana Guerra, actress Elsa Pataky, presenter María Patiño or model Alba Carrillo are among the most desired. As for them, they fantasize about Alejandro Sanz, Pablo Alborán, Rafa Mora or Jesús Castro.

All kinds of stimulation
“I think it is more fun with toys while evoking situations and/or people that excite you. I love using a sucker, it is brutal. When I feel the emptiness and the release it causes while the clitoris is erected it is amazing. It intensifies orgasm and I can control excitement very well, “explains Teresa. “To make masturbation more pleasant nothing better than lowering the light to a minimum and putting on sexy music at a good volume. If Prince’s success is assured. Why not prepare in advance a secret playlist for these moments? It’s perfect”, Beatriz continues.

74% of Spaniards see masturbation as a form of self-care while 54% say that this practice benefits their well-being

“Among my tricks to fully enjoy onanism is Zen time. A hot tub, a porn movie with some argument to extend the matter, a ‘waterproof’ dildo and a glass of wine. Relaxing is the key to getting an orgasm great, “explains Míriam. “Relax and explore. For me, they are the two keys. No one knows each other better than the same one. Try different places and positions. If you are one of those with elasticity, play with her. Raise one leg, for example, and explore your vagina, your clitoris and try the speeds, “adds Fabiola.

“I like to use a ‘cockring’ that vibrates to stimulate movement. I have become accustomed to that sensation and if I don’t have that stimulation I don’t reach orgasm. So I love doing it with a good lubricant so that the onanism is perfect,” he says. Richard. “The mirror never fails: there is some strange reason why, although I do not excite myself, I do feel like seeing myself masturbating. Not to mention the long self-pleasure of spending dead hours chasing and delaying orgasm: like a nap, but better, “concludes David.

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