April 26th 2016

Today I received three omens. The first happened while I was sitting in Grandview Park. I was sitting on a curved cement bench, drinking cool Arizona iced tea, wondering why I had left my house. A woman in high waisted jeans and holding an e-cigarette approached me. 
“Where did you get your socks?”
“Where did you get your socks? I like them.”
I told her I’d got them at a neighbourhood clothing store, about a year ago. The socks were green, and featured the iconic sarcophogi of King Tutankhamun in yellow and blue. I told her I didn’t know if they still sold them. 
“I’ll buy yours off you,” she said. 
I didn’t want to sell her my socks, so I said, “You really don’t want to wear these. I’ve done a pretty good job of wearing them in. They’d be pretty gross.”
She said “Yeah, you’re probably right… but then again, I’m pretty weird.”
I made a face that showed her I still didn’t want to sell her my socks.

The second omen happened when I was walking home later at night and came across a bag of corn ends. Their transparent, unlabelled bag was torn, and corn was strewn across the lawn of an apartment building. I stopped to take a photo. It seemed as though a feral racoon had dragged this bag here, then disemboweled it in the dewy grass for all the tenants to see.

The third omen happened on the same walk but nearer to my house. I was stopped at a crosswalk, waiting for the walkingman to appear, when I heard an accordion behind me. I recognized the song to be La Valse d’Amélie by Yann Tiersen. She followed me to my corner, and for a moment I thought she would follow me to my house, but she walked passed me.

I do not know if these omens are for good or ill, but it is without doubt that they mean something.

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