Top 10 Angular Libraries Of 2019

Kody Technolab.
Jul 9 · 3 min read

In today’s times due to the increase in competition, the potential of web development has increased. With the introduction of Angular, sky’s the limit for web development.

Angular has created its own set of libraries to give you best in class software development with appealing collections of programs and software packages for huge storing and smart loading of data in your web app.

Now let’s check out the top Angular Libraries of 2019

Material2- Material2 is considered as the top library for Angular development. It offers you material design components for versions of Angular beyond 2+. It is developed using Angular and Type UI Script. It aims at building your web and desktop apps effortlessly and innovatively.

NGX Bootstrap- This is a power-packed library consisting of all-core Angular-powered Bootstrap components. It has been designed keeping in mind extensibility and adaptivity of your application. So, you don’t need to include third-party JS components in your library.

PrimeNG- This is a comprehensive component suit that has more than 70 UI components with different themes that are highly appealing. It also has open-source widgets which are free to use under MIT License along with customizable native Angular CLI templates for best in class user experience.

NG Bootstrap- NG Bootstrap is another UI library offering highly accessible widgets using HTML elements and aria attributes. It also offers quality testing coverage without any JS support to render high quality and efficient apps. It is often used as a replacement of Angular -UI bootstrap.

Onsen UI- Onsen UI is another Angular library that builds apps for iOS and Android using JavaScript, HTML and CSS. It is considered as the fastest option to create beautiful apps with zero setup time for streamlined development to give you a scalable application.

Angular Fire 2- This library is created by integrating Firebase services with Angular2. It is also known as the official library for Firebase and Angular 2. It enables authentication and hosting under Firebase to quick run and high performance of apps.

NGRX- This is a highly reactive angular library enabling state management inspired by Redux. It also offers you a framework for setting apart side effects from your components by linking observables to the store. It focuses more on building the app rather than writing boilerplate for it.

NG-ZORRO- This library follows Ant Design which contains high quality elements providing a rich user interface. It is written in Typescript that offers complete defined types. It supports server-side rendering too!

NG2 Charts- NG2 Charts offer a single directive called basechart offering you various chart types to choose from. The ChartsModule provides a service called ThemeService which enables users to form a structure stating the colors override settings.

NG2 Redux- This library offers rich, declarative selection syntax utilizing @select decorator. It is highly compatible with existing Redux dev tools and chrome extension. Ng2Redux is based on RxJS Observables to choose and convert data from the store into User Interface.

Let’s Conclude

Hire Angular Developers for best in class web development services and avail the benefits of these libraries. You can choose any of these libraries according to your web app requirements and resources to create unique solutions.

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