The coolest place in Bellingham WA

Everyone has a place where they feel like they can feel safe, act like themselves, and relax. The Bellingham Sportsplex is my place where I know I can relax focus on other things besides school and be who I want to be. The Sportsplex has one ice rink and two indoor soccer fields one that is larger than the other. When you first walk in you don’t think anything of it but as a crappy little place in a college town. When I walk in I automatically feel safe and secure which is weird considering that I live in a locked dormitory with my room locked, but I feel safe form the stress of school and all the horrors that go along with school such as finals, tests, and papers.

My name is Kody Castner and I believe that everyone should find their own place where they can go to relax and hide from their responsibilities for at least a little bit. My sisters place is very different but also very similar let me explain she has always been a horse person and being younger than her I was always dragged along to the horse barn. However, it helped me realize how even as a place so different than an ice rink can serve a similar purpose except for the fact that you can’t play hockey at a horse barn and ride at an ice rink but aside from that they share a purpose to create an environment where people can go to relax and enjoy themselves. However, you are never completely safe you are always subject to criticism at any place or you can just be judged by people who have no clue what is going on in your life. One of my good friends couldn’t wait to have hockey practice because when he was at home his parents were very controlling and he didn’t get to be himself but when he was at hockey he got to be who he wanted he could be a guy who doesn’t care about anything rant about his parents and how they are doing good things for him but he doesn’t want to do them like being a boy scout.

Now the sportsplex is different compared to other ice rinks you may have been in and that is because when you first walk in you get a choice of going to the soccer fields or the ice rink. On the soccer side there are two fields the first being about twice the size of the second and there are two stands on this side one for the big one and one for the small one. You also notice some vending machines, some lockers and the bathrooms. Now if you go on the ice rink side you see a party room and the skate rental stand across the rink along with benches covered in rubber so that the skates don’t get too ruined from people using them. After you walk up the 4 steps after passing the where are they now posters of the Bellingham blazers players you turn to see locker room row after weaving between the two of the three stands and passing the bathroom you get to go into a room just for you and your team and that is my true place in the sportsplex that room is where I truly feel I can be me. There is only one other place where I get to feel that way and that is you guessed it, being on the ice.

My place where I can feel safe and secure is a lot different than some peoples places like their bedroom or the coffee house but my place is unique to me and I hope that you will go out and find your place like an ice rink or a horse barn go out and be yourself.


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