Week 12 — Social Media Integration

Which services you selected, and why

For the website I have chosen to use Facebook and Instagram, the reason why I have chosen these two social media platforms comes down to the fact that they both have large audiences around the globe making it easier to grow traction for a business and the fact that they implement sharing photos and videos easily is another thing to factor into using these sites.

How you developed the code for the integration

Well for Facebook integration I just used plugins and ripped the code for url’s and put it into my website. With Instagram I grabbed a video from my page and embalmed it then I put the code in my html.

Demonstrate it working and displaying correctly in at least three different browsers or devices

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome

Explain how you tested the functionality of each service

I opened my website in google chrome, Mozilla Firefox & Internet explorer and I couldn’t seem to find any issues with links so far.

Talk about any problems you had and how you solved them

I didn’t have many problems implementing the social media into the website but it was difficult to get them to position it properly in the website.