Week 13 — Social Media Guidelines

Develop some guidelines for implementing social networking in a website

Social media has become a huge part of most people’s modern day life and it continues to grow every day. It allows us to keep In touch with friends and family, it also informs us about the world and current events. It also gives us a platform to be herd by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. This can in fact be a very good thing cause it gets you out there but its comes with its fair share of problems.

Whatever you put out on the internet it stays there for everyone to see so if you screw up or make a mistake its show 10x worse. So when posting on social media you should follow by these guidelines

· Use common sense when posting.

· Stay away from saying anything that can be classified as racist or derogatory online.

· Don’t use course language on any posts (unless it censored)

· Try not to be controversial when posting

· Make sure to have your accounts lock up securely and don’t give out your account to anyone (this could jeopardise the business)

· Make sure to use your work account for strictly work.

If you try and follow some of these rules you should be fine when using the internet.

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