Create your free 3D vector globe of the earth in just 5 minutes

Looking for a beautiful and accurate globe you could use in one of your design projects? Do you need to show an exact location on the surface of the earth? Do you need to edit the looks to fit your design?

Meet the Free vector PowerGlobe for Adobe Illustrator.

This PowerGlobe is easily editable and rotatable. It is accurate and up-to-date. It comes with 3 predefined map styles, and you can alter the looks by going into the symbols palette of Adobe Illustrator. Highlight a country, a continent and more with a few mouse clicks. Choose one of the several graphic styles to rotate the globe to your preferred location.

I used this globe in a lot of projects, like on this map I made for a Wikipedia article about the Inca Road System:

Grab your free copy and start using it in your own work.

More info and download: Free PowerGlobe for Illustrator