Do Something Fun: When I found out I had to do a fun activity for this week’s assignment, I started to think of things that I enjoy doing, and that other’s enjoy doing. I came up with a list of potential activities, which included: dancing, playing a board game, painting, and more. I finally ended up making the decision to play a game, which is not something that I typically do. Generally, I am a pretty competitive person, and I don’t like to lose. This has led to me avoiding games completely, due to the potential for failure. Even though I fear failure, I went ahead and gathered my roommates to have a little fun.

· Play Cards Against Humanity: I had seen my friends play this game before, but I had never played. They always seemed to have such a great time playing, so I was excited to experience the game. I was taught the rules, and the entertainment began. I found myself laughing at all the silly responses, and really enjoying the card game. I realized that I could let go of my fear of failure, especially because the cards were anonymous and everyone submitted crazy answers. Overall, I’m glad that I stepped outside my comfort zone to play a game that I would usually shy away from. My roommates and I have now decided to have game night every other Thursday.

Mind Map (image):

Mind Map (digital):

Suggested Themes:

·Relaxation: I think that relaxation would be a good category to explore because of how much stress people, especially Americans, put themselves through. Relaxing, taking a break, and doing things you enjoy are crucial to mental health, physical health, and emotional health. This category is often overlooked which is why I think it would be interesting to look into a bit more.

·Social Health/Communication: This is another category that I think is overlooked, but is very important to a healthy life. So many people have communication issues, causing troubled relationships, which affect all facets of life. Creating something that could help solve communication problems would benefit many people.

·Balanced Meals: With so many people in the United States trying to lose weight, meals are vital to their success. Lots of Americans eat unhealthy, unbalanced meals, which contribute to their weight gain. I think that creating a product to help people balance their diets would be something that many people would be interested in.

10 Silly Ideas:

To come up with my silly ideas, I made a large list of random objects and tried to make connections between them and health and wellbeing. Here is what I came up with:

List of Random Objects
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