My General Ideas:

New Warm-Up Game:

StoryBall: Combination of Story Spine and Word Ball.

·Everyone stands in a circle. Someone starts by saying a word and pointing at someone else in the circle. The person that gets pointed at must continue the story by saying a word, then pointing to another member of the circle.

Session Organization:

Time Breakdown:

·10 minutes of warm-up games
·35 minutes of idea generation

50 ideas generated

(IPM: 0.24)

·5 minutes sorting
·5 minutes voting
·5 minutes selecting the best ideas

The Setting:

·The idea generation took place in my apartment. Everyone sat in a circular so that ideas were easy to see and to share. Behind the circle, we used a blank wall to post all the ideas.

The Warm-Up:

·For the warm up, I selected some of my favorite games that we have played in class: Zip Zap Zop, Word Ball, and my new game idea. The group had a lot of fun playing these quick activities, and it really made everyone more comfortable and relaxed.

Meet the 7 Participants:


·Age: 18
·Student at Florida Southern College
·Studies animal science


·Age: 18
·Student at the University of Minnesota
·Studies biological science


·Age: 21
·Personal trainer


·Age: 19
·Student at the University of Minnesota
·Studies material science


·Age: 19
·Student at the University of Minnesota
·Studies computer engineering


·Age: 20
·Student at the University of Minnesota
·Studies nutrition and is pursuing physical therapy

Sorting and Voting:

To vote, all members used the color marker that they ideated with and put three starts on their favorite three ideas. From there, the ideas without any stars were eliminated, and the narrowing down of the best ideas continued. Eventually, the group decided on their favorite three ideas.

Categories Formed:

Top Three

Top Ideas:

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