I was guilty. I had been to Paris/Cannes x10 times in 2015 alone, but had never been to an FSA country in my life.
Expanding Iroko in French Speaking Africa (FSA)
Jason 'Igwe' Njoku

iROKO and Nollywood are welcome to French Speaking Africa

Hum, Jason 'Igwe' Njoku, it’s a sad reality. It’s clear a long time ago that the division brought to Africa by European people is still thriving. It seems like people in Nigeria consider only Ghana, Kenya, South Africa as their closest neighboring countries. A real proof is MEST(Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, in Accra), and the last year I’ve written about it here before they’ve finally opened to Ivory Coast candidates; hopefully they do so for other countries. We don’t need to encourage this division/segregation. An African wisdom taught me that if you’re surrounded with poor people, no matter how rich you are, you’re still poor; you need to empower your neighborhood if you really want to prosper. ESA must work togheter with FSA to build the Africa we want.

Canal+ reseller store | From Jason Njoku’s article.

I personally love Nollyhood films. Specially, because it’s what tell a story similar to mine. It’s the story through which I can learn African wisdom and lessons. Yesterday, my aunt visited us. She was about to leave while “DESPERATE HOUSE GIRLS” starts on NOLLYWOOD TV, but can’t accept to miss the current episode. I realised she doesn’t know she can watch it later as many time as she wants if she has iROKO+ installed on her smartphone. I then exhort her to download iROKO+ app on her phone, buy her pass and enjoy all her favorite films and series. Now that internet is really expanding to houses and families, iROKO is welcome to FSA. There’s a great market potential in FSA to explore. All the best to you, your staff and all African entrepreneurs making a better Africa.