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If you’re a writer, journalist or blogger using Medium as your publishing platform, here are a few ways to tell your followers about your Ko-fi page!

The Basics

Make sure your Ko-fi page is in your bio and your story sign-off.

Make sure you direct your fans to your Ko-fi page as…

Avi Schiffmann, creator of one of the most visited websites about the Coronavirus,, chose Ko-fi donations to fund the site. Avi turned down millions of dollars in advertising and he stands by the decision.

Ko-fi helps artists, developers, bloggers and podcasters make an income from their passions and projects…

“Thanks to my Ko‑fi supporters I can now work full-time on what I love most in my life: art. Thank you for making this possible, I will be eternally grateful ❤️”

You spend hours every month writing and producing fresh, high quality, well researched content for your blog. It is a labour of love and you are super passionate about your topic and your community. …

Should I open a Patreon, or a Ko-fi? This question has come up a lot…

Creators, you blow our minds. Your illustrations, writing, videos, music and podcasts make our world a better place. Funding your passions isn’t always easy, though. Maybe your laptop is on its deathbed, you need to buy hosting for your blog, or perhaps you just need to pay some bills. helps creators receive support from fans of their work in the form of small donations. Illustrators, podcasters and creators of all persuasions using Ko-fi are now $2.5m richer thanks to the micro-donation platform.

I’m Nigel, I started and this is the story so far…

Coding for cash and the idea for Ko-fi

Back in 2012 I…

If you create content online then you will know Patreon, the service for artists of all kinds to attract monthly, paid-for subscribers to their content. Here at we have a similar mission and our free service is helping more than 100,000 users make money from supporters of their content.


Helping 500k+ creators make a fast and friendly income from their passions.

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