😄 Thanks Kofi, I was giving up hope on Ghanaian writers online who write “medium/long form” until…
MyWeku Tastes

You know! Medium is the next big thing in blogging, and I’m encouraged to see that many people in my social circles are signing up. Due to short attention spans and people wanting to move on to the “next item” in their tabs, lots of people do not read medium/long reads or abandon them halfway. However when I discovered aeon.com and found out that there really is an audience for such long pieces, I threw away the idea that all articles have to be “750 words or less.” Thanks for the thumbs up. 😄 I’m trying hard to put up more content. I’d want to talk more about food blogging and long reads and recommend some bloggers I know. Link up on Twitter @evanhaim. Good work you are doing on your blog. It’s true we all have to travel and see, and that’s something I plan to do more this year. 😄 😄