Another Personal Journey Through a Coding Bootcamp

The start of my interest

Around the time I finished college, my sister surprised my family by announcing she had completed a coding BootCamp from Flatiron School for Software Engineering as well as found a job with really good pay compared to her old job. She explained to us her experiences and what she learned during her time with Flatiron by demoing the project applications she built. Before this time, I did not do a lot of research into what a Software Engineer really did. For example, I used to believe website development had no coding at all and that websites were built with software like WordPress. The most I knew about coding was writing “Hello world” in Python for fun in high school. Needless to say, I was interested enough to check out Flatiron’s website and find out more.

My first code

I’ll admit I was lost from the get-go. I had heard about JavaScript before but had never heard about Ruby so when I saw that there was a free starter course available for Ruby I took the chance.

puts "Hello There!"

Starting off with Flatiron

It was not very long after that I applied and started Flatiron’s prework lessons. The prework was a simple introduction to JavaScript soon followed by basic HTML and CSS. Our last assignment of prework was to build our very own personal website.

My first project

Learning to learn

Even knowing that coding boot camps were rigorous and fast-paced ahead of time. It had been about a year since the last time I studied for education and because of this, I believed that I was having trouble memorizing lessons and labs. Although I would come to realize that information will eventually click together over time during our second phase. I was very nervous during phase one about passing an upcoming code challenge as we were told that failing the code challenge would hold us back from continuing to the following phases. I just was not learning information at a rate I was satisfied with. I put extra time into studying after school and on weekends and I was still unable to figure some problems out. This was my first experience with having to “think like a programmer” as well as some slight imposter syndrome.

Jokes, Quotes, and Goats — JavaScript Project

Continuing On

As of this blog, I am finishing up phase 3 of 5 at Flatiron. I have learned JavaScript, React, and Ruby languages as well as some CSS, HTML, Sinatra, etc., and will be learning Rails next with a personal interest in Typescript and some CSS preprocessors. My excitement for learning code has not decreased and has grown into a passion. I still struggle with figuring out some problems, but the joy and relief in finding the solution is an unmatched feeling. Anytime a friend asks me, if I’d recommend going to Flatiron, I say yes and go on about how much I’ve learned alongside my cohort. My passion must’ve been contagious enough as I’ve gotten two people to apply. My goal after this boot camp is to hopefully find a job in a good amount of time working front-end like my sister and building more awesome applications. I see a bright future ahead for me and I can’t wait to see where I end up.



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