Dear NUS SoC, Why your printers so hard to add?

Dear NUS SoC, Why your printers so hard to add? Well, as an incoming freshmen, i didn’t know anything about adding printers to my computer. All the knowledge gain from camps and friends in NUS was that there were printers in the basement as well as at level 1.

Of course, i asked around more when i wanted to print some lecture notes for class. People only pointed me to a link where i have to follow some pictures and try my own luck to add the printers to my macbook. On that website, there are kind of a few contradicting facts. They ask me to use Lexmark MS810 driver for certain printers, but their picture guide used some other printer’s driver. Isn’t it confusing?!

So, I’ve tasked myself to build a simple Mac App that solves all these problem. Some goals i had in mind for the app :

  1. It has to be small(<10MB). School network is really slow sometimes.
  2. It has to be easy to use. (Clean, Simple interface)

Following these requirements, i search high and low for different kinds of desktop building framework. Initially, i tried out Electron from Github. However, Electron was too big after compiling into a Mac App. It was more than an 100MB!!! After that i went on and found Python’s Tkinter GUI framework. I went ahead and try to build the app in python and compiled it. To my surprise, the app is only 4.9MB. Woo hoo! Python’s Tkinter totally fit my needs for the app. It’s not only small but the design was simple enough.

Here are some sample pictures

NUS Soc Mac Printer Adder
After clicking Add Now, these printer automatically add all the printer to your computer.

Some simple guideline here:

  1. Only available for Mac OS currently.
  2. Just click “Add Now” and all the printers magically appear on your computer.
  3. Please remember to install the driver first.
  4. If you have add it before, just remove all of them.
  5. If you saved to iCloud keychain, go to your Keychain Access app and remove the printers.

Here is the download link :

I will soon open source the code. Do follow me on github to look out for it. If anyone is interested in building the Windows and Linux version, pls Telegram me!

Github :