Developed photo album web app with React.js

I developed a web-service to create photo album with favorite photo in each month.


We, I and my wife can really enjoy taking care our ten month old daughter, and making her photo album. So I believed that I’d like to create baby photo album on the web, and actually developed it. In addition, I wanted to start new personal projects with React.js.

launched on GitHub Pages:


Currently Specification

  • Users can select a photo of each month, and make a photo album.
  • to click images and to select a photo in local storage.
  • Album title and description can be edited.
  • Photos and description will clear when browser is reload.


  • Write README, about, and help
  • Add saving and share function
  • Refactor
  • Add auto selecting function from SNS
  • Responsive


I was really tired to write CSS. It is difficult to spend many time for personal projects because of baby, so using hiatus times is very important.

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