Is it to cull the herd
As I Lay Dying
Ted Rheingold

Cancer is more of this. See, cancer is the side effect of living a long life. As long as we live, we shed our cells and they divide to replenish the numbers. Human cells can only divide so much before they get too short to be divided successfully, this is when the mutations take place.

The irony is that these mutations make these cell divide indefinitely at great speeds that they become the lumps we call cancer. They divide, getting bigger and bigger, invading other bodily parts, as if screaming, “OKAY OKAY WE’RE DIVIDING NOW, THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT RIGHT?” Until they take over most of your body functions and resources and leave you for dead.

Cancer is the last laughter of the grim reaper, to make sure no humans can live forever.

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