I have about 5 different drafted stories on Medium; stories that I’ve never bothered to finish, or that I haven’t posted. …

I’m writing a blog post under the impression that blogging is where we can share our feelings online through a long-form piece of writing. If I’ve got that wrong, whoops — you have better things to worry about anyway.

The future is scary. It’s unknown. It’s your best friend. It’s your worst enemy. …

My photo a day project is probably one of the best ideas I had for a project in a while. It had a simple job: to get me creating daily — and it did that fairly well.

I kept up with it daily for a while, and I wish I still could. I’ve lacked the time to actively shoot daily and I absolutely hate that.

I’ve not only been inconsistent, but because of all of the time constraints I’ve had, it’s pushed the project to feel more like a chore. I was dissatisfied with the work and felt like it was losing a creative edge. …


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