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So children should be punished for their parents behavior and the rest of the public bear the brunt of parents “schedules”.

There is another, perfectly viable, option for these “parents” that are stressed over the schedules. DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN.

For goodness sake. Children spend more than enough time in substandard, underfunded schools now. Now these bleeding hearts want to make it even worse?

This is about the children and what is best for them, not about making negligent parents more “comfortable” and their burden easier to bear.

They made the decision to have children AND to work. Let them deal with it.

And don’t play the damn race/minority population cared for every single subject that is ever brought up.

You made your bed, now lie in it and leave the rest of us that had the good sense not to have passels of children we couldn’t afford to live our lives without catering to your “needs”.

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