Gorsuch will make liberals miss Scalia
Ian Millhiser

What I find immensely amusing in this whole scenario is that, despite having been resoundingly trounced and losing both houses or Congress, the White House, most of the State Houses and Governorships AND now having forced the hand of the party in power to (guess what, it’s a return BTW) use an option of simple majority to get a SCOTUS approved, they are still whining, complaining and actually believing that their agenda is going to be implemented, let alone listened to.

What is wrong with the Democrats? As a life long Democrat, at the moment, I am ashamed. They are acting like petulant children that actually believe that continued alienation of huge swaths of the population is actually going to benefit them.

I am sorry, but, leaven your rhetoric. All these over the top protests, insistence that it must be YOUR WAY and no other way and these constant handouts and crying “Victim” has grown tiresome and more than a little obnoxious.

You lost. Get over it. Work to bring back all the people you lost and maybe, just maybe we can move forward in this country. Huge numbers of regular, everyday working people are simply tired of going nowhere and watching everything we work for burn while those who have done nothing gain.

It is not about bigotry. It is not about lack of compassion. It is about you simply not caring about anyone or anything but the bottom rung.

You offer nothing to us, the 90% of the population, except more and more and more drain.

This is a new SCOTUS. You do not know what he will do. Yes, he may be like Scalia, or he may be like Kennedy. Who knows? Give the man a chance.

Did you really think that a Republican controlled government was going to appoint someone YOU would approve of? Have you lost your minds?


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