The Baltic States Keep Buying Unreliable German Rifles
War Is Boring

The whole G36 scandal is bogus.

What happened was that the German ministry of defense issued stupid requirements for the new rifle back in the day. The accuracy they asked for was ridiculously high and far beyond what any 5.56mm assault rifle could do. Those numbers were apparently ridiculous enough to possibly just have been a typo.

When they looked at the products they were offered, they realized that, forgot about those weird requirements and chose the G36, which was as accurate as any other existing alternative. Then, over a decade later, some clueless journalist got wind of the fact that the G36 didn’t meet the original accuracy requirements by the ministry of defense, without checking whether those requirements made any sense and we had this “scandal”.

Add to it some left wing politicians who jump on anything that could make the military or some conservative minister of defense look bad and suddenly everybody talks about the G36 being inaccurate and shitty, including lazy journalists and bloggers who only got half of the story and never bothered to check what really happened.

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