Do we have the DNA to build great products in India ?
Avinash Raghava

Product culture also comes with focus on people and organization culture. With this I mean, culture where purpose , autonomy and freedom to gain mastery is provided.This is missing big time in founders here in India. Initial product which is build on founders assumptions are further improved by team working with founder to make the product a real pain killer.

When founders don’t focus on people and culture , real products doesn’t come up well.

Part of this problem is also contributed by too much focus on services based business model, with low acceptability of new innovations in SMB and big companies. And companies are also right on their part, because they are always under constant pressure of keeping cost low, with litterly no budgets to try new things.

Your new innovations only works at global level, when it’s first supported at local ecosystem level.

Overall a nice article Avinash.