A beautiful girl 
Was she a curse or any boon 
I kept her name on my favorite cartoon 
She was my Doremon, I was her Nobita 
On whose gadgets in the form of solution 
I always and forever rely on. 
She broke my heart over and over again, 
I let her do that all over again.
She got used to it 
Though I was just getting used to it 
Someday she said I’m someone else’s Doremon 
This Nobita has to move on 
Still I was figuring out how to stop her
She found her ways by my mistakes 
I cried I yelled just to stop her 
But that was the moment 
I felt something terribly wrong 
In the cartoon doremon was just a myth 
And Nobita was all alone 
Harsh truth but best reality 
I realized when I woke up next day that my myths were wrong 
I don’t want to accept the reality but faced the same 
Here I was alone forever 
In a hope of getting my old myths back 
Coz I like my fantasy world and dreams 
Way far better than than achieving those dreams 
I stood up and took a chance 
I let her go with a glance 
Hoping that she get what she wants 
And coz of me she couldn’t get it 
I found myself by loosing her
Was she a curse or any boon 
She was my favorite cartoon 😍
I shared her laughs and her tears 
Loosing her was my biggest fear 
I want her to be mine only mine 
But she was like a brighter sunshine 
Harder to hold tough to let it go 
I took my decision and moved on 
Now I’m happy just in a thought 
She chose someone else over me 
Like picking up stones while searching for diamond 
And I’m sure she was not any curse she was always a boon 😘
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