The realization that most of the world, especially technology is very ableist has become a concept…
Matthew Alicea

That’s really insightful, Matthew. You’re right: it can be challenging to incorporate accessible design principles in your products, especially with today’s lean product development philosophies, or under the pressure of business needs. We should definitely try, though. What’s heartening is that more and more we’re seeing designers discussing the topic of disability: have you seen the talks of Sarah Hendren, or the work of Alex Truesdell at the Adaptive Design Association?

If David and I succeed in getting designers who’ve been working on products/services for the autistic community to exchange their knowledge, we’ll be able to start solidifying autism design as a discipline, and collect guidelines for future autism design processes. Wouldn’t it be great if we were able to create a curriculum for nurturing future designers who specialize in designing for autism?

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