Task 2 Filming

Marclay, Christian — The Clock (2010)

The Clock is an art installation by video artist Christian Marclay, the scenes of this video is with real present time reference of the day.In my filming work, I also chose to apply the technique of “ a series of fragments that builds a whole” in order to demonstrate the beauty of different area of city and people’s movement through the changing of the time.

In the video, The clock , the director had not only used the different clocks as a signature to divide the video into a series of fragments, but also used clocks as a connection.In my video, I have follow the same concept which is to film the different parts of city horizontally from the street with an iPhone 6 as a tool , the places I filmed such as Haymarket, Chinatown and Darling Harbour , are connected together by the real-time clocks. Through this technique ,audiences could view how people engage with architectures and facilities in the city during a day more distinctly. As the architectures in the city is a extremely important part of people’s daily life, it should be design to fit in people’s requirement in every time period and further to make the life better.




Marclay, Christian — The Clock (2010)

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