Elisabeth Moss Knew the ‘Mad Men’ Finale for Years & 10 Other Facts

The Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award nominee is well-spoken as she is effervescent in person. Ballerina-turned-actor Elisabeth Moss is charmingly humble and carries the wondrous curiosity of a child to the script, on and off the stage and screen. The breakout female star of Mad Men’s ensemble also drinks orange juice with a straw. Here are some other fun factoids.

  1. Elisabeth Moss doesn’t get it on the first try. She auditioned for Peggy Olsen twice. And despite it being for a relatively unknown outlet at the time, she really wanted it and got it, despite being cast for another independent film at the time.
  2. She misses Peggy. After playing the character from age 23–32, she believes she got to say a proper goodbye to this funny, larger-than-life friend but it’s still sad to lose someone you’ve grown close to and people associate you with.
  3. Elisabeth Moss does not like to watch Mad Men. Or any of her work, for good reason. She likens it to hearing your voice on a recording machine and how that disparity can mess with your head. When she does though, she enjoys how great the scenes turned out with her fellow actors.
  4. She has a secret she’ll never tell, well, until the finale. Elisabeth has been hiding the ending of Mad Men for a few years. Yup, creator Matthew Weiner kept her and the other cast members in the loop. How they kept a collective secret for that long is beyond us.
  5. Elisabeth Moss is a whore from New Jersey. Well, she plays one in upcoming movie “Meadowland,” directed by her friend. She just completed four films by the way.
  6. She gets starstruck, too. When she worked with Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford on “Truth,” she was speechless at times. Even a simple “how are you” in the makeup room turned Elisabeth into a shy, adoring fangirl.
  7. She gets bored easily. She doesn’t really get into the backstories of characters and she likes to try out new things. “I like to play characters that are heroic but flawed.”
  8. Elisabeth Moss is a procrastinator. In her latest Broadway stint on “The Heidi Chronicles,” she admits she didn’t learn a four-page monologue until about a week before big rehearsals. On the flip side, she’s great at memorizing.
  9. She wishes were a man — more specifically for roles created by playwright David Mamet.
  10. She knows it’s going to be okay. At least that’s what’d she’d tell her 22-year-old self. Elisabeth said she was always worried about money, money, money but knows it all works out.
  11. Elisabeth Moss listens to her mom. One piece of advice she lives by is to a quote from her mother to have fun. Enjoy the moment for what it is.

These tidbits surfaced from a conversation with the SAG Foundation and Broadway World.

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