2020 has been a very difficult year for everyone. We still working on our project and maybe some users may think that we are walking to a dead road, but we have still a lot to deliver to all the people who have trusted in our project.

As we mention in our telegram chat, we are going to change a lot of things regarding our project, first, because at the moment we started we let people with no blockchain experience were as team members and some decisions we made were wrong. …

We need to adapt our roadmap to continue our goals, failure is just one additional step in the way to success.

We decide to move forward to continue our project growing up. For that reason, we have taken some decisions that will help us to reach our goals.

Our project whitepaper was written by people living in Venezuela, at the start of the project, the team believed that knowing the country’s needs will help to reach people and it will a success due to other projects were working in the same path but excluding the use of the blockchain. …

Starting from today all KOI users will be able to send their tokens to their metamask wallet.

After you log in your account just click on the withdraw button (withdraw to metamask wallet):

You will find a form with the max amount you can send:

Spread the word about what is KOI has been a huge success for us as a team. In a year we got very good personal achievement while we worked in this amazing project. Thanks so much to many people who worked with us and made a great role talking about our project.

But it is time to move on, for that we will need that all bounty hunters claim their rewards before march 31st. …

When we are playing video games we love action and fun. Some blockchain games are kind of boring, for that reason and to add more value to our token we decided that we need to cover that market with our ideas

But what is Legendary Cultures video game?

We want to bring fun to the blockchain, making a video game easy to use and with an economy that brings benefits to early adopters. Our game is a creative software where people will drag and drop items to create amazing worlds.

We have 5 types of items:

We have released the beta of our wallet. What is so special about it?

Many people don’t have a clue about what is the blockchain, in fact, we are pretty sure that most of them if you ask about the term “blockchain”, will think in bitcoin.

The people involved in crypto know that exists more than one blockchain, and also know that there is a lot of tech development in that area too. But at this moment, developers are coding just for people who already know about what is and how works the crypto ecosystem. …

We know how important is to have very clear all the information regarding a new project. Investors need to be sure about what is the road, current status and what is the decision the team has made in the benefits of the project.

We have decided that our public/future release will be done in the next way:

We will release 500,000,000 koi yearly in august. 7–12% will be subtracted from that amount and will be sent to all our holders. We will make a snapshot of the koi wallet and all ethereum wallets that may hold our token the first…

We have updated our website to increase the security and protect all the account and the KOI they hold

This is the changelog:

  • We solve the Recaptcha issue
  • Ip registration: now users need to save the iIPand authorize the devices they are using to access their account.
  • Email confirmation
  • Registration is available now.

All security measures have been taken to be prepared for the KOI wallet launch.

At this moment we are working on the beta test of our wallet, we are going to launch it very soon.

Keep updated about all KOI news in our socials:

Telegram, Twitter

Recently we have been added to an investor telegram group. When we explain our project we told that we didn't have any competitors.

At that moment people start to argue that you can't tell an investor that you don't have competitors because they could think there is no demand for your project.

Innovations are always a new thing in the world. Pioneers have the advantage to see more clearly what the world needs, and point the efforts to that directions. People with a great idea is just a crazy men/lady until they have success.

Henry Ford started his business in…


We want to change how the world works with the blockchain, making easy to use app. We will take the blockchain beyond the limits of technology

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