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We are KOI TRIBE — an Asian-Centric Digital Publication enabled by Web3 who boldly aims to pioneer the Web3-enabled Entertainment Ecosystem.

KOI TRIBE is devoted to contributing to the larger media-infrastructure that Web3 currently lacks — providing solutions for quality content and informed consumption of Web3-related technologies and communities.


Observing the evolution of the Cryptoverse, KOI TRIBE sees one key pillar of industry that remains underserved: Entertainment.

Studying major cultural movements, we have observed one constant: that the tipping point leading to mass adoption is when the masses discover they are able to derive value from said movement with the lowest possible barrier to entry — one that is inherently detached from financial prerequisites.

This leads us to conclude that the optimal method for achieving our goal is Entertainment — specifically, Content & Media.


The masses face a steep challenge of contextualizing their journey to becoming a Web3 native. This is due to Web3’s inherently steep learning curve, and its nuanced value propositions that may not be immediately obvious to individuals not familiar with Web3, its underlying technologies, and its rapidly evolving cultural zeitgeist.

This comes down to two areas in particular: Technology & Culture.

As it stands right now, understanding the value proposition of Web3 requires an understanding of both the underlying technology of Blockchain that powers the Cryptoverse and the rapidly evolving cultural movement that accompanies it.

As a natural extension of traditional media fronts; this gives us an opening to serve the Web3 market through media and entertainment support.

Breaking down the Blockchain

WEB3 is inherently technical due to its heavily developer-driven nature.
This creates an intimidating challenge for the masses as we seek to onboard them to the Cryptoverse.

Newcomers are inundated with increasingly foreign concepts just to get one foot in the door — wallets, secure phrases, Good Opsec, smart contracts, exchanges, cross-chain bridges and (in)compatibility.

This leads many to struggle with contextualizing their journey to becoming a Web3 native.

Underdeveloped Cultural Context

Aside from being a technological revolution, Web3 is also a cultural movement — with pioneers and trailblazers constantly developing new ways to leverage the Blockchain. Memes, trends, metas — they ebb and flow like the tide.

For the masses, this represents a significant commitment for something that they have yet to derive value from. Thus, enthusiasts in search of value are forced to dedicate significant time and resources if they want to stay on the pulse of Web3’s rapidly evolving Culture — not a luxury that many can afford.

Projects within the market, meanwhile, spread themselves thin while competing for equity within the Attention Economy. This is especially true for the NFT communities, where most information is derived from word-of-mouth disseminated by key figures and influencers. This environment creates unnecessary issues such as asymmetrical information, and rampant tribalism — aside from existing development challenges.

All of this creates a perfect storm that stunts the natural long-term development of native cultures beyond trends and negatively impacts adopter retention when the bears come out to play.


An Ecosystem of Cultural Pioneers

KOI TRIBE weaves cultural context by nurturing the lifeblood of Web3: the stories behind the vibrant community of creators and builders. We aim to cement ourselves as a cultural leader of Web3 and its narratives — positioned as both an exhibition of Asia’s living jewels as they debut in Web3, as well as an accessible gateway into Global Web3 Culture.

To this end, we seek to congregate and grow alongside the household names of East and West as well as individuals looking to build their brand and presence within the Web3 space.

Documenting a Rapidly Evolving Culture

Those familiar with the Cryptoverse know one constant: that the space moves FAST — faster than any preceding cultural movement. A week in Web3 is equivalent to months IRL, with trends and metas rising and falling in the blink of an eye — take your eye off the ball for a few hours, and you might have missed a train.

To quote a philosopher:

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it
– George Santayana (1905)

With the hype surrounding NFTs and Crypto now brought down to a shallow simmer, the callous optimism of the previous Bull Culture is no longer sustainable.

An oft-repeated question from Founders and Enthusiasts alike: where do we go from here?

Our answer is the documentation of the present in order to nurture vibrant tomorrows through our publication and brand.

After all, one of humanity’s greatest strengths is learning from experience.



Phase 1: The Publication

Phase 1: The Publication

First, the Context.
NFTs are unique to the crypto ecosystem, and a space where niche communities are able to thrive. The result is an untapped river of topical content and unique stories evolving at a lightning fast space.

KOI TRIBE’s publication rollout leverages this to develop our publication’s credibility and readership, while also providing positive sum coverage of quality ecosystem products.

Operations within the publication are concerned with bridging media standards unto Web3. This opens up realistic and achievable revenue stream options that are already employed within the root industry:

  • Sponsorships/Ad Spots
  • Collaborative campaign services
  • Web + IRL cross brand events
  • Reader Subscription
  • Art Auctions

The brand’s placement within Web3 also allows us to facilitate services unique to the ecosystem:

  • Web2 brand onboards
  • Cross-project campaigning
  • Media support for Web3/NFT projects and brands

Thus, the project is able to build realistic and achievable revenue streams by adopting compatible functions of mainstream publication infrastructures beyond genesis mint and its royalties.

Phase 2: The Entertainment Cycle

Then, the Renaissance.
will expand media production towards entertainment oriented content: opening new angles of engagement for audiences of web3 culture as well as our core community.

Seeking the best Web3 media industry solutions of the near future with a mind for meaningful and fun digital experiences, KOI TRIBE will be positioned to provide a space for the invaluable other half of an entertainment ecosystem: their talents.

We meaningfully evolve content consumption for enthusiasts by producing project agnostic coverage that is topical, relevant, and entertaining — beyond financial topics, speculation and floor talk.

From here, the elevated brand value of KOI TRIBE allows for organic Web3 product expansion such as collection expansion, phygital offerings, music NFT releases, brand collectibles, and more.


18 months runway*




Creative Director / Project Lead
Digital Ad Content Producer
Video Artist

Produced TV Content and Digital Ads for Netflix, Astro, Durex, Magnum, Daikin, and more.

Worked on Web Series “16 Baris” Seasons 1 & 2 (20 mil views cumulatively)

Directed a Documentary film that was nominated for ‘Best Documentary’ in the Global United Film Awards 2018


Head of Business Development
Former Web2 founder and CEO
Professional Photographer
Business Developer

Pioneer of Esports Education in South East Asia.

Created region’s first standalone Esports academy with Khazanah Nasional Berhad and Iskandar Investment Berhad (Malaysia)


Head of Operations
Collab Manager
Project Lead
Professional Retweeter

Community lead for M1NTED ASIA, one of Asia’s largest NFT conferences and ye mum’s best friend.


Product Manager
Award-winning Digital Marketer
Product-led-Growth Advocate
Web2 Digital Publication Co-founder

Has led Product, Growth, and Marketing teams across various Web2 entities, working with brands like Visa, Grab, Philip Morris, Samsung, and Alibaba.

Co-founder of The Level MY digital publication


6x TEDx speaker
Serial Entrepreneur
5x Beatbox Champion

A Serial Entrepreneur with a track record of success in Entertainment and Creative Arts spanning over 10 years.

ShockOhm Syndrome

Lead Artist
Illustrator and Concept artist
3D Modeler and Toy Designer
3x Malaysian Book of Records holder

Has been creating illustrations and products for teams and individuals across various industries.



Become the Flow.
Those who control the context, control the narrative.

Create the MYTHOS of Web3 culture with us:

  • Elevate Creators and Builders beyond their Projects
  • Create Buzz and Conversation between Communities
  • Leverage trends to consistently produce Content and Media
  • Co-create the infrastructure for quality and Mass Viewership
  • Become a Cultural and Informational Pillar for Web3


Mint Date



KOI TRIBE: Genesis will consist of 888


Long Live THE MYTHICAL 888:
The wise few who understand the immense potential in developing a major pillar in the information and culture highway of this growing global ecosystem.

Perseverance through adversity:
Fittingly, the utility for THE MYTHICAL 888 NFT holders are angled to naturally benefit those who seek to leverage this potential directly:

“The Builder’s Edition” — an exclusive source of information and wisdom from select veteran Web3 players for enthusiasts looking to further their career aspirations within the space by applying themselves and striving beyond trade options.

Authors of The Builder’s Edition will be curated thoughtfully and deliberately by KOI TRIBE Editorial and Leadership to create a holistic and relevant information pool.

Enter “The Confluence”:
The voice of the Community, rallied, forged, and amplified.
In the Web3 ecosystem your voice is everything. Build it, and along with it the foundations of your Dynasty.

The Confluence is the holder-run columnist section included in KOI TRIBE’S primary publication rollouts.

It is here that the MYTHICAL 888 exercises their voice independent from the KOI TRIBE team through credibility votes on the platform, articles and direct curation of columnist entries.

Triple Fortunes Favor the Bold.
And to the victor goes the spoils: THE MYTHICAL 888 will enjoy exclusive and early access to all projects and curated offerings incubated by KOI TRIBE as well as benefits from partner ecosystem exchanges.






A Web3 Lifestyle-Media Brand. Recording the flow of today for the Narrative of tomorrow, Creating Radical Ripples.