As the days got warmer, little splashes of color started popping up around the house. Spring was well and truly on its way. It was inspiring to watch the enthusiasm with which the children explored the new colors, textures and smells around them. Pinning their little noses as close as…

A weekend getaway to Ticino provided the inspiration for Tulipano. We had not travelled far, but it felt like we were a world away from home. The unique nature and panoramic landscapes were breathtaking, while the Mediterranean climate provided a welcome change from the rain we had left behind.

We found ourselves roaming around a serene farmyard located in the center of Zürich early one Saturday morning. We had had no intention of ending up there, but had taken a wrong turn and stumbled upon this beautiful little sanctuary of peace and tranquility in the midst of the city’s…


Our feel-good, functional designs are inspired by our daily adventures and created to bring spaces to life, adding a touch of color and fun.

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