A Company Was Banned Its Account By Apple

Nagisa,Inc. , a company provides their own smartphone applications and OEM service.

According to Nagisa,Inc.(http://nagisa-inc.jp) PR, they were frozen their developer account by Apple on October 7th. After that they tried to negotiate with Apple, but they couldn’t recover their account.

Here is information that is main reason for banning

TOS violation that relates to pornography

They provided “Manga application” which delivered manga. Sometimes some titles contained sexual description as a part of story. As you may know, Apple is strict about that. Nagisa tried to fix problems, but at the time they had over 800 titles, so it was very tough. According to them, they were lack of workers for modification. They also said that they refused manga for the adults.

TOS violation on Ad SDK

Apple’s examination was tough because of above, they said. They had released over 100 applications for 3 years and some of them were pointed out due to violate Apple’s guideline aboutAds. However, Apple didn’t mention specific applications’ name, they said. They mentioned that this situation was affected by the incident that applications which was using Ad companies’ SDK were rejected simultaneously by Apple from May to June. 
By the way, the problem on SDK is working toward settling the dispute.

Contents’ release method

Nagisa applied manga application which was woking on development environment to Apple Store examination instead of production environment which had all manga titles. Because usually, manga application needed much time(it took for 3 months once) for Apple’s evaluation.

According to, a person who has an social game developing experience sometimes companies who are providing social games use this method because they try to avoid Apple’s rejection. Some of social card games have cards which have possibility to violate Apple’s guideline. So, some companies apply their applications with minimum assets to Apple’s examination.

Finally, Nagisa gave up their own iPhone applications. Some of them will be transferred to others to keep them. However, Nagisa goes on saying that “We won’t create a company for keeping our application and won’t use personal account for this.” They also state that they continue OEM and consultation about iOS applications.

What we should learn from this incident might be that there are possibilities that developers will loose opportunities to distribute their own application through App Store suddenly. This means that Apple is the God on their platform. Everyone who is using the platform has no choice except obeying Apple’s rule. Many iOS application’s projects could be affected by this. Maybe, providing android version and web version is kind of risk hedge isn’t it. This could encourage companies to have their own distribution platform like Android.

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