[Chapter2]AARRR model~I Just Started Learning Growth Hack~

AARRR model

AARRR model is a famous framework for growth hacking. Each letter stands for following.

Acquisition: Getting new customers

Activation: Making products sophisticated

Retention: Trying to make users use products

Revenue: Monetizing

Referral: Causing users’ share to others

Problem About AARRR model

The book I’m reading says AARRR’s order is problem because Activation must be first. According to the book, the most popular fails of startups are making products or service that aren’t needed by users. So, companies must make sure that their products are useful for people. As you may know, this phase is pretty tough. In this year, I has released 2 web applications, but those are not good… For me, making them is process of learning AngularJS, but the result of applications is awful.
By the way, here are applications I made.

In addition, Acquisition is the last because the products that are getting activation, revenue, referral, and retention should be needed by more people. The book says the model should be following.