Intro Fabrication Week6 Mounting Motors

“This week’s assignment is not so difficult”, Ben said, but for me, it is not easy because I have not been interested in motors and servos. I think this is one of the most difficult assignments. Of course, the most difficult was Week2.

First, I decided to use a servo because Nitish(my pcomp final’s partner) and I have been working on motors. So, I don’t want to work on motors anymore.

After that, I researched about a servo.

The following video was one of the most interesting prototypings.

First, I tried to make this without mounting my servo. It worked well because I have used a servo, an ultrasonic sensor and serial port communication.

However, mounting the servo was quite difficult because the cables come from the servo itself. The position is very annoyed. I tried to print some parts for mounting with a 3D printer. The following photos were what I tried.


Obviously, those didn’t match my servo.


Then, I changed my plan. I focused on mounting the servo.


What I made is an auto switching machine.


As you can see, this is not working well. The thing is the arm. It is not enough strong to turn on/off a switch.

[What I learned]
 As Ben mentioned, vertical aluminum mounts and brackets are kinds of expensive, but they are worth of buying because making those with 3D printing takes much time and material strength isn’t enough. So, I think for a project, purchasing those is really helpful.

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