Things you need to know when you use windows 10

Things you need to know when you use windows 10

Tapping with 3 fingers

When you tap the screen with 3 fingers, Windows10 opens search box. Search box provides you Cortana, sound assistance.
In addition you can change preference you want when you open preference of “mouse and touchpad”.

Swiping(up) with 3 fingers

When you swipe up the screen, you can access task view and you can check applications which are working currently. You also can access an application with click or touch the application window.

Swiping(down) with 3 fingers

This type of swipe means “control + m” that is a shortcut key which can show desktop easily. Then, Windows 10 show you applications you are using now when you swipe down again.


These types of swipe means “ALT + Tab”. You can switch applications easily. You also turn off this function with preference of “mouse and touchpad”.

How to access Control Panel

There are some ways to access Control Panel.
1. When you right-click Windows keyboard, you can see Control Panel from the list, then you click that. Finally, you can access Control Panel.
2. Search “control panel” on search box that on the task bar.
3. Click Windows icon and select “Settings”. Then Search “control panel” on search box(Find a setting).

Uninstall apps

Click following orders.
[Settings]->[System]->[Apps & features]
Then you can choose an application that you want to uninstall.

Virtual Desktop

There are 2 ways to create virtual desktop easily. One of them is to use the virtual desktop button on the toolbar. The other is to use a shortcutkey.
First, you click the button on the toolbar to display virtual desktop window, then you click “+ create desktop”. Second, using shortcutkey is very easy because just hit “win+crtl+d”. Then you can create a new virtual desktop to improve your productivity.