Why WeWork Is So Good

WeWork in Brooklyn

In this week, I applied to WeWork’s one week trial. Today I got an explanation about WeWork’s service.

As many techies know, WeWork is very cool space because they have nice stuff such as free beer, coffee, water, tea, high-speed wi-fi and luxury furniture. Of course, there are so great staffs. They are pretty friendly and kind. However, those are superficial, I think. But those are still important.

Here is my idea that WeWork can make a difference.

Virtual Network

WeWork is developing an application that people who are WeWork’s member can contact with each other. They have so many locations(https://www.wework.com/locations/). I forgot exactly number, but I think a person who gave me a tutorial said there are 40,000 over in their virtual community. The application looks like Facebook or LinkedIn, but there is a big difference. People who are on WeWork’s app actually pay, so their seriousness is different from Facebook and LinkedIn users. Moreover, WeWork staffs may help something for their members. I think that is a great application because one member can contact others for collaboration easily. A potential partner might be in SF, Boston, NY, Chicago, London, Tel Aviv, or Amsterdam, etc.

Basic function(I only remembered)
・search members
・contact members(like messaging app)
・feed(looks like Facebook and LinkedIn)
・Booking system for conference rooms(members can book all WeWork’s conference rooms)
・Coupons(it’s like a welfare facility)
・Event information(seminar, workshop, panel, etc)

Extra info
Fortunately, I had used WeWork for one month. That was fantastic. I could get nice food, coffee, tea beer for free and some good ideas.

Real Network

In my opinion, there are two kinds of real network(I mean offline). One of them is related to virtual network. When someone meet a stranger, I think an important thing is that the stranger might be reliable or not. I think WeWork member can jump over it briefly. The other is literally offline network. As you know, if people can gather many people, it will happen something. The opportunities might be events which are held by WeWork, WeWork’s members or others. By the way, WeWork sometimes has Demo day. I attended some events and those were so good.


I used some co-working spaces. All of them were great. In my opinion, however, WeWork is one of the best because it has diversity. WeWork generally has huge space, so that lets various people enter. Like small business companies, startups, freelancers. One thing I noticed was that there were often some people who are wearing a suit. Those things make WeWork’s atmosphere difference, I think. As I mentioned, WeWork’s staffs are fantastic, so I think they really focus on growing communities.

By the way, there is one sad thing. According to their jobs, WeWork doesn’t need people in Japan right now, even though they are looking for people in Shanghai and Seoul…

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