Here are the 3chat bot startups from YC 2016 Winter batch

2016 marks the beginning of the bot era.

9 months back in March 2016, 4 startups went through YC with ideas around chat bots. Let me introduce them one at a time.


Birdly updates your expense report on Excel or Google Sheets based on receipts and invoices on Slack. In the past few months, they seem to have pivoted from a different idea they had before: a slack app that can be integrated to Salesforce, Zendesk, Strip to manage them better. is a cross platform dashboard for chat bots. In addition to a regular dashboard to see data from different platforms, has additional features like A/B testing to improve the UX of chat bots.


As they say, “Launch a full-featured chatbot in 7 minutes”, Chatfuel is a software to build Messenger bots without any coding. There are bunch of other softwares like and I wonder who will win the competition.

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