Writing would be better just speaking to improve your grammar skill

I am here in Japan. I am thinking back these 2 years spended in United States. In terms of improvement of my English, I feel my English has been stacked at same level.

I came up 2 problems.

  1. Grammar
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Grammar
  • Problem: I messed up grammar while I am talking. (also writing too)

Improving grammar skill is kind of tricky to consider because you can convey what you think through vocabulary. However, it is important to speak beautiful English.

I think the way to improve grammar skill consists of 3 steps.

  1. Study grammar (Input)
  2. Writing (Output)
  3. Speaking (Output)

Obviously, we need to know grammar rules by reading through grammar books.

As second step, I pick up writing. That is why I am writing this blog. Why writing is important? Because writing correct English is easier than speaking correct English in my opinion. If you writing something, it is easy to think about grammar and remember vocabularies.

Moreover, if you can not write, you can not speak. Some people against my opinion and would say that babies don’t write English but speak it at first. I totally agree with it. However, we, ESL people learned English in different way and grew up different circumstance. For people like me, writing is better to practice complex grammar.

How should I practice writing ‘to improve your grammar skill’. I would not talk about writing skill to improve your paper.

I think I just should write, write, write. Don’t look up words and grammar at dictionaries, google, correct them. When you speak, you can not do that during the middle of your conversation. What you wrote is what your English skill is. You can take a look at it later and mark mistakes. Then you can see what is your weak point. I should take 5 min to write blog every day and don’t have to finish it. Study grammar 10 min and write 5 min everyday.

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