Hasura Internship Week 3.1-Data Modelling

We finished the local setup and began setting up the back end. The database designs and wireframes were made. We shared them on Slack. The inital Database is just for Authentication. Profiles, friends, posts, likes, the exclusive Shine Table and Leaderboards or Radiance will be added soon.

The link to the database schema on PonyORM : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1ggEGUYiZReSHVUczNocUd2ZXM

Link to blogpost 1.1: https://medium.com/@kokilasd/a-new-venture-week-1-1-with-hasura-8f2e1f3c600f

Link to blogpost 1.2: https://medium.com/@kokilasd/week-1-2-haura-internship-736bfa196b54

Check out Hasura @ https://hasura.io
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