Late 2018, Little Red Robot agency contacted me to create a website showcasing an undersea technology engineered by Baker Hughes (a GE company). It sounded like a nice challenge as I didn’t know anything about undersea technology.


The brief was pretty simple, BHGE already had quite a clear idea of the website sections, even though they had no copy and assets for it yet. Little Red Robot had come up with an abstract 3D idea regarding the branding of the whole campaign. …

360 Stories is a Virtual Reality application that allows travelers to experience a selection of the world’s best cities in 360 degrees. They reached out to me in 2018 to help them designing the whole VR experience, as well as redefining their brand identity.


The brief was to enhance their brand positioning by updating their identity and of course coming up with a whole new visual language for the VR app. They wanted 360 Stories to feel accessible and modern for millennials with the focus on the 360° content. To start on the project, they provide me with their current…

Augmented Reality can appear to be a big difficulty for 3D people that are not familiar with optimizing 3D for the web. All you need is one file .usdz and one link to it. Here is how to make your 3D file (using cinema 4D) ready to be embed in AR in 7 easy steps.

*it will only work with an iPhone 6S and up*

1. Be sure to have your 3D object made out of one polygon object

Back in 2018, Alphero agency contacted me to help them work on an insurance app called Ami. They already did some research about the current app and put a lot of thoughts into the UX design, especially regarding key features that would be essential to have for the new app.


To give a bit of context about Ami, this insurance company is really famous here in New Zealand, they have been around for almost a century. Ami targets young adults customers. So customers that are not especially familiar with insurance and policies.

Alphero wanted me to bring their initial UX…

7th January 2018

Ngarunui Beach, 7th January 2018

Today I was returning home to Wellington from Hamilton. It’s a 9-hour bus trip. The bus is the cheapest way to travel in NZ. Today I experienced a reality that I’ve never witnessed before. Facing this reality left me feeling deeply revolted and disgusted me in so many ways.

I was sitting in the back of the bus by the window seat, with a woman sitting in the aisle seat next to me. On the right side of the bus a girl, mid twenties, was sitting alone by the window. It’s summer, it’s warm, almost everyone wears…

©Nina Geometrieva

Working around the clock. Crunch time. Extra hours.

We are all familiar with these terms, may be too familiar. Running after time is definitely an unpleasant feeling. You know, when you wish a day would last 48 hrs instead of 24hrs. When you have so many things to do that you don’t even know which one to start with.

The digital industry is an industry in constant growth, evolving at the speed of mega octets per seconds. To stay competitive, digital agencies pushes boundaries always further. Trying to do more with less time. …

Road trip mouvementé à moto de Los Angeles à San Francisco en 2 jours.

Vendredi soir

Vendredi soir, 19h, je pars du travail direction San Louis Obispo pour y passer la nuit. Une fois sorti de LA, je passe par Malibu, tout va bien il est aux alentours de 20h30. Ensuite le froid commence à m’envahir, un peu puis de plus en plus au fil des kms. Surtout que je suis dorénavant sur l’autoroute, ma visière est pas top (elle se lève tout le temps comme je roule aux alentours de 120–130km/h). …

Too many times I’ve witnessed a lack of User Experience (UX) design for digital productions. Either I’ve heard “We don’t have time to do UX design”, or “UX design doesn’t apply to this kind of project”, even “UX design doesn’t allow us to be creative”. Let’s see why UX design is not bullshit and why these kind of sentences should never be said again.

For a lot of people, the term UX design itself is confusing, so let’s start over with the basics. There are probably different approaches to define what UX design is, I’ll go with the one which…

We now had all our illustrations for every characters, we thought it was almost done but it was before to start animated them. As we had a 2D video game, we needed to create frame by frame animations for every characters.

The first step we did was to list all the animations we would need to do for every characters. Wido was of course the one with the most :

  • stand up
  • run
  • jump
  • attack (simple, combo x2, combo x3)
  • be injured
  • be thrown
  • invoke a rune
  • do a forward roll
  • interact with an object
  • die

We didn’t had much…

This step was really important and crucial for our video game as the player would have to interact a lot with the characters, especially with the main character Wido. Due to the game design work that we achieved so far we had a pretty good idea of Wido’s personality. We needed to reflect each aspects of his personality through a digital illustration. Overall we needed to create a character with a strong charism. Wido was not the only character we had to design, but he was for sure the most important. This is why we decided to start with him…

Clément Pavageau

Independent Senior Art Director | former @gobelins_paris

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